About Theodoros Papageorgiou – Arcadia Images

Theodoros Papageorgiou

Theodoros Papageorgiou is a professional photographer living in Arcadia, Greece. He’s been through many different professions before settling on what he loves most, photography.

Inspired by the landscapes of Greece, he focuses on images that celebrate human conscience as an expression of nature.

Products & Services

Fine Art Prints

A collection of images inspired by the unique places and landscapes of Greece. Conceived to be realized as fine quality prints, the creation process adheres to top standards.

Original, authentic prints, that are produced by Theodoros with top quality archival inkjet printing. In the ever increasing popularity of photography, fine art prints that are characterized by quality and authenticity, are valuable as collectible objects.

Photo Tours & Workshops

Photography as art, is a demanding activity. A photographer needs attention, focus, and quick reactions. Distractions must be limited and that’s why photo artists like working alone.

Our photo tours are limited to only a few participants. Small group size and small footprint for maximum flexibility. As a participant  to our photography tours, you’ll be introduced to places, people and culture that will stimulate your creativity.